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The Aquila16 FPV kit is a more advanced kit for beginners. It's an inverted quadcopter with a modular aerodynamic design. Fly for up to 8 mins, covering a maximum distance of 200 meters. Enjoy stable hovering and enhanced frame protection, allowing for consistent flight practice and better control. The kit includes the VR03 FPV Goggles for recording your flying and a Literadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter with the latest ELRS 3.0 firmware. All you need is in one pack! Accelerate your FPV learning curve and become a pro sooner with this kit.

Aquila16 FPV Kit

Bullet Point

  • The Aquila16 FPV Kit excels in hover capability for assisted flight, ensuring safe and effortless flight for worry-free learning.
  • Built with durable PA12 material, the Aquila16 frame has excellent impact resistance in drop & impact and reduces the risk of damage, providing you more peace learning of mind.
  • With a 1100mAh battery, it offers a flight time of 8 minutes and a maximum flight distance of 200 meters. For those seeking advanced flight modes like freestyle or racing, opting for a 650 battery is recommended.
  • This kit offers 3 fly and speed modes, catering from novice to pro and gradually unlocking advanced skills, all in one kit.
  • The VR03 FPV Goggles feature a Micro SD card slot for easy video recording and support compatibility with most Analog VTXs in the market.
  • The Literadio2 SE Transmitter supports the latest ELRS 3.0 firmware, enabling compatibility with popular FPV simulators like DRL/DCL/VelociDrone/Liftoff.
  • All components, including the quadcopter, radio transmitter, FPV goggles, and accessories, are conveniently packed in a portable EVA storage bag for easy transportation and enhanced equipment protection.


  • Item: Aquila16 FPV Kit
  • Battery: Aquila16 Special Battery|1100mAh (Default), 650mAh (Optional)
  • Camera: C02
  • Camera Angle Adjustment: 15°-30°
  • Charger Used: BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester V2
  • Flight Controller: Aquila16 V1.0
  • Flight Modes: N/S/M Mode
  • Flight Time(4.35V-3.4V): 8 mins
  • Frame Material: Black PA12
  • Goggles: VR03 FPV Goggles 
  • Motors: 1102|18000KV
  • Power Connector: BT2.0 Connector
  • Propellers: Beta-45mm 3-Blades Props
  • Radio Transmitter: LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter
  • Receiver: Serial ELRS 2.4G 3.0 Version
  • Receiver Binding: Power up 3 times
  • Video Transmitter(VTX): Aquila 25-350mW VTX
  • VTX Power and Range: 25mW (Range:80m), 350mW (Range:200m)
  • Wheelbase: 86mm
  • Weight(Without Battery): 47.1g
  • Takeoff Weight(With 1100mAh Battery): 72.5g

From Zero To Hero

      Aquila16 FPV Kit  Cetus Pro FPV Kit Cetus X FPV Kit
      Battery Aquila16 Exclusive Battery|1100mAh (Default), 650mAh (Optional) BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery
      Flight Time
      8 mins (Default battery) 4-5min
      Motors 1102|18000KV Brushless motor 1102|18000KV Brushless  1103|11000KV Brushless motor
      Video Transmitter Aquila 25-350mW VTX 25mW(AIO FC) M04 25-400mW VTX
      Cetus 25-350mW VTX V2
      VTX Power and Range 25mW (Range:80m)
      350mW (Range:200m)
      25mW (Range:80m) M04 VTX: 25mW(Range:80m)
      Cetus VTX:25mW(Range:80m)
      Recording Funtion Support Not Support Support
      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      Fly Further, Fly Longer

      With an impressive 8 mins flight time, you can enjoy endless practice sessions and a flight distance of up to 200m indoors or outdoors. Enjoy uninterrupted flights, enabling you to concentrate on refining your piloting skills. The kit features a high-power, low-latency 350mW video transmission system, guaranteeing real-time video transmission with stable signals up to 200 meters. Say goodbye to lag and immerse yourself in the thrill of the flight.

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      Auxiliary Flight Function

      The Aquila16 FPV Kit excels in hover capability for assisted flight, ensuring safe and effortless flight for worry-free learning. Built-in highly precise barometer to detect the height, it benefits from great stability due to its position hold mode, and auto-hovering, which enables the drone to stay at the current height. This function guarantees emergency landing in situations of lost control or low battery. Meanwhile, its stable flight characteristics allow for capturing stunning footage with utmost precision using the VR03 FPV Goggles. Experience an immense amount of enjoyment and ease of flight. 

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      Note: The position hold function is only available in N mode.

      Designed to Make Flying Easier 

      Every aspect of its design embodies making flying easier for beginner-friendly. The inclusion of an inverted duct system enhances thrust and stability, enabling the drone to achieve superior flight performance with precision. The fixed configuration port and modular battery minimize redundancy designs, making installation simple and hassle-free. The duct guard design ensures safe flights by protecting the propellers, equipped to handle unexpected obstacles.

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      The receiver binding needs to power up 3 times and the battery's first power-up may result in a tight fit, requiring a certain technique for insertion and removal, please refer to this video.

      Fly Indoor and Outdoor 

      The Aquila16 FPV Kit provides an exhilarating flying experience for all, regardless of age or skill level. The durable construction guarantees lasting performance, while intuitive controls offer precise maneuverability, ensuring a worry-free indoor and outdoor flying experience while capturing breathtaking moments with a high-quality camera and enjoying the thrill of real-time FPV. Effortless setup allows you to fully immerse yourself in the sheer joy of flight, unlocking boundless creative possibilities. 

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      Various Modes, Accessible to All

      The Aquila16 Brushless Quadcopter offers N/S/M 3 flight modes and supports 3 different speeds with SLOW/MID/FAST. With Turtle Mode, no burden to fly away, and there is no need to walk away to correct the position manually to flip it over and resume flying when the quadcopter falls to the ground and upside down. Whether you're a seasoned FPV pilot or a complete beginner, the Aquila16 FPV Kit empowers everyone to fly confidently from day one. 

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      Below is the table for the different speeds under N modes maximum throttle.

      1.25m/s 3.33m/s 5m/s

      The Aquila16 FPV Kit comes with a default 1100mAh battery, ideal for beginners seeking a smooth flying experience in N/S mode. However, for those looking to advance their freestyle and racing flight skills in M Mode, the 650mAh version battery is more suitable, it needs to be purchased separately.

      Recording Every Flight Moment

      Pilots can record and save flying videos on a Micro SD card and easily replay them using the VR03 FPV Goggles which feature a high-quality 5.8G 3dBi antenna for stable video transmission and vivid images. Its omnidirectional design ensures equal signal radiation and reception in all 360-degree horizontal directions. The replaceable antenna allows pilots to experiment with different options and adjust the angle as needed. With 4.3 inches 800*480px HD high brightness LCD, VR03 Goggles will show you a bright world. 

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter

      Built-in 1000 mAh 1S battery, LiteRadio 2 SE increases the endurance to 8 hours. It comes preloaded with the factory default ELRS 3.0 firmware, offering a transmitting power of 100mW, which brings a wider operating range. Updates with BETAFPV self-developed LiteRadio System, enabling pilots to conveniently perform Joystick Calibration and Firmware Upgrades directly on the transmitter, enhancing usability and ease of use.

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      Note: This LR 2 SE radio TX mode of Aquila16 FPV Kit is Mode2 which is the left-hand throttle.

      FPV Simulator Supported

      First time flying a quadcopter? You can learn and practice flying a quadcopter through an FPV simulator before real flying. LiteRadio2 SE radio transmitter can be used as a USB Joystick when connected to the computer. So it's available to play FPV simulators like DRL/DCL/VelociDrone/Liftoff. More convenient for practicing and charging at the same time. Here is the display of Liftoff. Download Liftoff here.

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      Recommended Parts

      • Quadcopter: Aquila16 Brushless Quadcopter
      • Battery: Aquila16 Exclusive Battery (2PCS)


      • Download the Manual for the Aquila16 FPV Kit.
      • Donwload the Firmware for Aquila16 FPV Kit.
      • There is a risk of battery detachment during severe crashes.
      • Camera angle adjustment: The canopy is fixed, and the camera angle can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the screws on both sides.
      • ExpressLRS is the popular radio link now. Know more about ExpressLRS here.
      • The LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmittercurrent factory default firmware is ELRS V2, and it can be upgraded to the beta version of ELRS V3 firmware.


      • 1 * Aquila16 Brushless Quadcopter
      • 1 * LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter
      • 1 * VR03 FPV Goggles
      • 4 * Beta-45mm 3-Blades Props (Spare Set)
      • 2 * Aquila16 Exclusive Battery|1100mAh
      • 2 * Charging Adapter Cable
      • 1 * BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester V2
      • 1 * 4Pin Adapter Cable
      • 1 * USB Charging Cable (Type-C)
      • 1 * Cross Screwdriver
      • 1 * Exclusive Screw Set (Spare)
      • 1 * Prop Removal Tool
      • * Portable Storage Bag
      • 1 * User Manual
      • 1 * USB Type-C Adapter Board (Used in connection with the 4Pin adapter cable for FC to configuration)

      Aquila16 FPV Kit

      Product Details

      Product Type
      Shipping Weight1520 grams
      Frame size2
      Motor kv18000

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