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The Most versatile drone bag in the market.

The Torvol Freestyle Bag is an FPV bag packed with features. It’s a 3-configuration into 1 product. Therefore the most versatile quadcopter sling bag in the market. Ready to rip!

Fits transmitter, tools, props, LiPo’s and spare parts inside. Goggles and 1 quad outside using the Quad Strap.

Or fit transmitter, tools, props, LiPo’s and spare parts inside. Goggles and 2 quads outside using an additional Quad Strap (sold separately).

Or fit quad, tools, props, LiPo’s and spare parts inside. Goggles and transmitter outside using the additional transmitter case (sold separately).

The unique design creates a versatile bag with many additional features. The Torvol smart zipper delivers crazy quick access to your gear. And when completely opened up creates the Torvol PITSTOP work area for quick repairs. The protective LiPo pocket on the outside protects LiPo’s from damage and facilitates quick battery change. The sling strap converts into a flight strap using the supplied transmitter clips.


  • The compact 1 quad sling bag with quick access design
  • Safely store transmitter inside
  • Exterior goggle and quad attachments
  • Torvol’s PITSTOP area for quick repairs


  • Weight –  0.9 kg
  • Dimensions – 28 × 14 × 27 cm
  • Internal Dimensions – 25 x 11 x 24 cm
  • Capacity – 1 quad
  • Color – Black/Torvol Racing Green
  • EAN Code – 370069350074

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