LiPo Suction Compact 3S-6S XT60 Battery Discharger to Storage Voltage


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Discharging and maintaining your batteries has been made easier. The LipoSuction is the easiest way to discharge your LiPo batteries to storage voltage levels. Just plug the LipoSuction into your battery connector and the unit will slowly discharge off excess charge to bring your battery to storage voltage (approx 3.9v/cell).

Doing this drastically improves battery health and life expectancy, as leaving batteries fully charged can damage them.

The LipoSuction stops discharging when your battery reaches storage voltage and then goes into an ultra-low leakage current so the unit can be left on years at a time without over-discharging the packs.


  • Support 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S LiPos
  • 500mw discharge power. Brings a 1300mah lipo to storage voltage within 24 hours
  • Overcurrent and thermal protection
  • Low leakage current so the device can be left plugged in


  • Plug LipoSuction into battery
  • LED light turns on to indicate number of cells and discharge is in progress
  • Press the button 'KEY' within a couple of seconds to select the number of cells if the LED indication is wrong: 3S Blue / 4S Green / 5S Red / 6S Blue & Green Flash.
  • LED light turns off when the discharge is complete


The '221' resistor on the LipoSuction may get hot. DO NOT TOUCH. ALWAYS charge and discharge your batteries in a fire-proof container which rests on a fire resistant surface. Do not remove the heatshrink in case of short circuit.. Always supervise and closely monitor any LiPo Batteries which are actively charging or discharging.

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Product TypeBattery Discharger
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Tags: Amass, Extras, Power, Xt60

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