IMAX B6 AC-DC Lipo Balance Charger

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IMAX B6AC is a dual-input intelligent charger and discharger. It uses a high-tech built-in high-performance microprocessor and professional control software for fast charging / discharging devices, temperature detectors and a built-in adapter.


Product name: Balance charger Charging current range: 0.1 ~ 6.0A
Model: Imax-B6AC Discharge current range: 0.1 ~ 2.0A
Scope of application: RC model charger Balanced discharge current of Li-Po: 300mAh / cell
Output voltage range: DC 11-18V / AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz Number of NiCd / NiMH battery cells: 1-15cells
Circuit power supply: AC and DC adapter (DC 11-18V / 6A) Rechargeable lithium battery: 1-6 cells in series
Maximum charging power: 80W Lead battery voltage:2V~20V
Maximum discharge power: 10W Product size:136 x141x34mm
Net weight: about 800g


  • 1 x  IMAX-B6AC Battery Balance Charger(With Accessories)

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  • B6 is a multifunctional smart charger that can be used for Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-Mn, Li-Fe, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb batteries are charged/discharged.
  • B6 has a balanced charge/discharge function of a lithium battery pack. It can guarantee that every unit in the battery pack will not overcharge or overdischarge.
  • B6 with backlight LCD displays real-time display of battery charging data, battery voltage, charging current, battery temperature, charge/discharge capacity and charge/discharge time.
  • B6 intelligent operability allows you to complete a variety of battery charge / discharge very easy and safe.
  • B6 has a variety of lithium battery charging methods: normal / fast charge / slow charge / storage / balance, and with circulationCharging/discharging function, up to 5 cycles.

Product Details

Product TypeBattery Charger
Shipping Weight300 grams

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