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Back when we first started Drone Authority, we had to make a decision as to which courier that we felt was best to partner with. At the time, our volumes were relatively low so we could only realistically partner with a single courier in addition to Royal Mail. As we started shipping internationally quite early on, we needed a courier company that could provide excellent express shipping both domestically and internationally and ultimately we landed on UPS and we felt that they could provide an all-round solution that would fit our needs.


Whilst UPS has been excellent for us in general and they've provided a level of international service that we've simply not been able to match elsewhere; as time has progressed and our needs have changed, we've felt that we needed to raise the bar yet again to match some of the shipping options our competition are offering.


That's why from now on, we've decided to use DPD Local for all of our domestic orders and provide UPS for international shipments only. DPD Local have been rated UK's number 1 courier service for 2020 for reliability and there can be no arguing that their notification system and 1 hour delivery window that it provides is simply unrivaled. UPS still provide an unparalleled level of international shipping service and is still our recommended courier for international shipments. We will still provide UPS as a domestic option for our customers if it's requested manually, but we'll not display it to customers on the checkout system.


We feel that customers will generally be happy with this choice and I hope we can continue to make iterative improvements to our end to end process to bring even more efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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